FAQ and HowTo on MeeeT

What are Posts ?

The Profile works like a blog, you can write your own posts or share a link like a Wikipedia Article or a Electronic Project. You can add images, audio and videos in your posts

Can i add Pages ?

There is a Wiki Module, see navigation pane in the left of your profile. Make pages here or an entire website of your Electronic Crafts or Projects.

What is HumHub?

HumHub is an open source social network platform with a wide variety of use cases as social intranet, community or collaboration platform. MeeeT.org is built on the HumHub Platform. Read about HumHub.

How Long does it take ?

To join this community it may take 48 hours for approval. After you join actions like making friends, search updates, some email notifications can take Two hours.

Is my Profile public?

When you join the profile is Public by default. Modify the Privacy Settings in your Account. Top Right you will find your Name and a Drop Down Menu which includes links to your Public Profile and Account Settings. Go  to Account settings - Security on Left menu. Here you can review and manage your Privacy.

Can i Create Spaces ?

On joining you have to update your profile and banner images, fill the "About", maybe add a link to you website or blog, post something to let us know more about you. When we make sure you are an Electronic or Tech Enthusiast, you are promoted to member and can create spaces. Space is like a collaboration page for your project, event, group, topic or collection.

To create Public Spaces with links and promotions you have to upgrade to a Paid Media Account.

For firms Space could be an event, brand, new product, company news or activity group. Space can be used for Team work and collaboration. Firms have to pay an Annual Fee to support the maintenance and upgrades.

How to add my Website?

On your profile left navigation, click on about and add your Website or Blog. You can also add more links using the Linklist Module also on Left Navigation menu. In your account settings, modules, disable or enable the Linklist widget that will appear on the right pane of your profile.

Broken Links !* @?#

Many websites and pages may disappear over time. Use the Wayback Machine to see an old archived page.