MeeeT Community Help


This community is for Electronics, Engineering and Technologies related People and Firms.  Basic Membership "People Group" with Profile is free for all.

There is a "Members Group" which is a paid service for Professionals, Engineers, Electronic Enthusiasts, Hobby DIY, Ham Radio and others. People here can create Spaces related to topics or activity.

Spaces are subject or group based sections, Some Spaces may have Subscription or Joining Fees.

There is a "Media Group" which is a Fee based Service. This is for those who wish to use this Community for commercial activity like marketing or for promoting sites, brands, products.

First Join the MeeeT Hub Community as a Free Member (Sign in/up link at Top right). Upgrade anytime using the Subscribe Button at MeeeT Foyer.

People Group - Free

Register with a valid Email, Soon you will get a mail at that address. Follow the Instructions and select your username and password on the registration form at

Two Factor Authentication is Mandatory. You have to enter an OTP in your email for completing the Login process. Ensure you choose a nice readable User Name and a difficult password. 

You will have a nice profile page on which you can post and share images, text and links. You can limit access to your profile or make it public. You could add information like phone number and address but we request you to keep that private.

Do not forget to choose the Profile Image and Banner to make your page distinct and interesting to others.

Engineers, Enthusiasts in Hobby DIY, Ham Radio and others are Encouraged to join this community. Members can Message each other and have conversations. 

Maximum of 4 Promotional Posts or Pages with Links and images allowed.

Members Group - USD 120

You get promoted to "Members Group" from "People Group" only after you have added something in your About Page and created some posts. Your Profile image and Profile Banner has to be updated by you. You could also add a Link to your Website or Blog to let us know who you are and your activities.    

Members can create Spaces both public and private. This can be used for Creations, Topics, Projects, Ideas and Collaboration. The Profiles and Spaces must be related to Electronics, Engineering and Technologies. Annual fee is 120 USD.

Maximum of 12 Promotional Posts or Pages with Links and images allowed.

Media Group - USD 555

Companies and Media who use the Spaces and Profiles for Marketing and Brand Building are added to this premium group.

This group encompasses activities related to Financials, Investments, Corporate, Jobs, News, Software, Computing, Commerce, Internet, SEO and Digital Marketing. Activity of that member must be connected with Electronics. Annual fee is 555 USD.

Examples - News of Electronics Manufacturing Firms, Products of a Industrial Company.

Maximum of 24 Promotional Posts or Pages with Links and images allowed.

Sponsor Group - USD 1200

If the Media Member Profile and Space has nothing to do with Electronics, A donation of USD 1200 gives you freedom to promotote your products and services in your Profile and Spaces for One Year. This is like Sponsorship Support for this Community.

Maximum of 48 Promotional Posts or Pages with Links and images allowed.

"Promotional Posts or Pages" are limited as they cause peaks in traffic and makes website slow for others. Hence if you use this platform for Promotion, you need to pay more. There is no limit to Posts and Pages with small images and reference links.

Privacy and Security

What is Disallowed

Politics, Religion, Sports, TV, Movies.

What is Prohibited

Gambling, Exposure, Drugs, Rumors.

User Privacy

All you need is a working Email ID and a Username to be a member of this community. Other details you can add at your own risk. does not ask for these details. Even the username can be an Imaginary name.

You can change or modify the Privacy Settings in your Account. Top Right you will find your Name and a Drop Down Menu which includes links to your Public Profile and Account Settings. Go  to Account settings - Security on Left menu. Here you can review and manage your Privacy. You can make your Public Profile into a Private Profile visible only to friends, if you feel that is safer.

Individuals can use a Nickname like "Tinker Boy" or "LED Man" or "Logic Girl" etc. Avoid adding Phone, Address and other details online. These are known to cause problems.

Professionals and Companies could keep an exclusive phone and email for Online Publishing and use the same here. Add the official address and website links in your profile. A public profile or space with contact details helps Firms generate business and Interface with customers. Create Spaces for Brands, Product Lines and Events.

Two Factor Authentication

Second Factor Authentication is mandatory, to make your account at more secure. If you wish to view it, log in to go to the drop down menu, right-top near your profile image and select “Account Settings”. Now click “Settings” on that page on the Left Sidebar Menu. The Two Factor is available in one of the Tabs. Change if needed and save. The default is best, email is used as the second factor. After you login as usual, an email is sent to the registered email id. Enter the code in the email and you are Logged in Securely.